Stink Bug Control Scarsdale

The stink bug is also known as the brown marmorated stink bug. The adult brown Marmorated stink bug is about .75 inches long. Its body is nearly as wide as it is long. They have a shield like shape to their body. It is brown in color. The name “stink bug” comes from the scent glands they have located on the underside of the thorax. Stink bugs are quickly becoming a major issue in Scarsdale . Call QualityPro to help you remove this insect from your home.

The Stink Bug is a pest that will devour fruits and vegetables. The largest threat in the foreseeable futures is the growth of the stink bug population and the destruction of fruit bearing trees and vegetable crops in Scarsdale . Warm conditions could generate up to three generations of these pest insects in a year.

The stink bug is also a pest insect in homes. They are able to enter the home through small cracks and openings. Stink bugs can be found entering from cracks under or behind baseboards, around window and door trim, and around exhaust fans or lights in ceilings. Often times when they do find their way into a home there can be a very large infestation of these pests. Call a QualityPro to help you with your stink bug control