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Rats are a very invasive species of rodents. Once they find a way into your Scarsdale home, they will quickly begin to multiply. Rats in your home can cause extensive damage as they chew and gnaw through your house. Rats can destroy wires, insulation, sheetrock, and wood as they chew and build their nests. Rats will also contaminate your home with their droppings. Rats carry a number of diseases. The best method of rat control in Scarsdale is to call QualityPro. We are experts at rat control. We know how to remove rats from your home. We also understand that finding rats in your home can be a scary. That is why we can do emergency rat control.

Rat Removal Scarsdale

Rats are able to enter your home through small holes. We will do a rat inspection of your home and pinpoint where the rats are entering the building. After we perform rat removal, we will help to clean up the mess they have made. We will also perform exclusion work to ensure that they don’t return. Rats are one of a number of rodents that may enter your home. We will also help you with mouse control and chipmunk removal

Rodent Control