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If you find a coyote in your yard you should call for QualityPro. We are trained for coyote removal in Scarsdale . Coyote can pose a danger to your family and your pets. Homeowners should not attempt to remove coyote on their own. Coyotes become a problem when they attack and/or kill livestock and pets. Coyotes have been known to attack humans, especially small children. They attack those that they feel are most vulnerable.

Coyote Trapping Scarsdale

The best way to remove coyote from your home is by trapping them. QualityPro is trained to trap coyote and remove them from your home. We can safely capture coyote and relocate them away from your home. Do not attempt to capture this animal on your own as they can be dangerous. A cornered animal will attack to protect itself. We know how to best trap coyote and reduce the risk of injury. Coyotes are territorial animals and may travel alone or in packs. They will most likely be aggressive if they encounter a dog, which they view as competition.