Client Testimonials

We called QualityPro, a Westchester NY animal removal service, because we had raccoon living under our deck. The service was both efficient and punctual. So far no more raccoon have appeared. It was the service guarantee that convinced us to use this particular company. I will be returning, if necessary.


We called QualityPro, a Westchester NY animal removal service, because we had squirrels in our walls we needed to get rid of.  They came out and did a thorough inspection before giving us a quote for removing them, which came in at less than half the price of another company for comparable services.  They came out the next Monday to set the traps and followed up every day after for several days to check them and to install flashing to plug up the holes where the squirrels were getting in.  I was impressed with the professionalism and they successfully caught the squirrels and we haven’t heard them in the house since!



We called them to remove a squirrel family nesting in our attic.  Their Westchester NY animal removal service was both efficient and punctual.  Problem seems to have been resolved and we have a one-year guaranty on the service.  The service guarantee was one reason why we decided to use this particular company.



Perfect job! Inspection of entire house, inside and out. All entry points detailed, along with remedies and costs to fix. All repairs performed as described, on time. Very high quality work. Repairs were successful — no bats, mice, or flying squirrels since work was performed. Very knowledgeable, excellent work.

-William H.


They were great, honest, and arrive on time. I asked them to see if we had bedbugs, and they told me these were not bedbugs. A few companies that had come out told me they were, so I appreciated their honesty. Overall, I’m happy with their services.



He was very responsive and accommodating. Jim came out on short notice to get rid of some large bird’s nests that were posing a health hazard for us and our pet. He did a great job getting rid of the nests and disinfecting the area. He even removed a large hornet’s nest while he was there.



We heard an animal in our attic so I asked around town for recommendations to remove squirrels and the unanimous response was to call QualityPro.  They came the next morning, climbed on the roof and right away said it was a Raccoon, probably a mom with babies.  They also pointed out a water problem with my roof line.  They were able to trace her path up the house, into the attic and then back down to the second floor where the nest was in about 20 minutes.  They installed a trap at the hole.  The contract was for 2 visits, the first and the the second being the pick-up.  She didn’t come out that night so they came back the next day and put in a camera to see where she was going.  Two additional trips over to my house at no extra charge.  They viewed the video and put in a second trap which caught her.  They came early the next day to get her so that she wasn’t in any unnecessary distress.  They then listened with a stethoscope to find exactly where the nest was so that they only had to make a tiny hole in the ceiling to get the babies out.

They were a true pleasure to work with and if I ever have wildlife or pest issues again, I wouldn’t go anywhere else.  I also loved how kind they were to the animals.


Jim and Michelle at QualityPro Pest & Wildlife Services are some of the best people to work with. They are very articulate and knowledgable when they perform their Westchester NY animal removal service. It is a pleasure working them and I hope to continue a professional business relationship with them for years to come.


They came out and did a full walk through and walk around with me to identify areas where mice might be getting in. We went top to bottom, basement, attic and all the outside surfaces and it was super helpful and informative….he really knows his stuff. They set dozens of traps in locations where activity had occurred and other likely pathways/points of entry and also used some sealer to seal off some likely entry points. He also gave me an estimate for what they would charge to fully seal the house and all points of entry that could be identified (but to his credit also gave me the info to do so myself if I wanted to be more DIY about it). Honestly I couldn’t be happier. It was a pleasure to deal with them and the honesty and straightforwardness was really refreshing. At no point did I feel pressured or that they were holding back about the issues we’re facing. I learned a ton, which is invaluable as a recently new home owner, and I’m sure the knowledge gained will help in the future. Things like how to identify telltale signs, common issues and prevention tips was a huge help…that alone was worth the cost. The traps and sealing was a bonus! I may follow-up and have them perform the work (as a new father with a long commute I don’t always have the time) and I will certainly recommend the services to friends and family.

-John R.